Frequently asked
Is Air Cruiser compatible with my vehicle?
To be compatible with Air Cruiser, your vehicle must have a maximum roof load of 42.5kg and be compatible with crossbars. Most vehicles fulfil these requirements but for help finding our more, read on below.
Is there an easy way to find the maximum roof load?
Your vehicle user manual usually contains maximum roof loas. If you can't find it, then is a great resource. Head to the site, enter your vehicle details, then click 'more' in the specs section and look for 'max roof load'.
I still can't find my roof load.
We'll be happy to help! Get in contact with the team at
Does the roof load limit include the people inside the tent?
No, it doesn't. The maximum roof load is for attached loads travelling at speed. When you vehicle is stationary (the only time your tent is occupied, hopefully), roof can handle five times the roof load limit.
Does Air Cruiser come with crossbars?
Air Cruiser doesn't come with crossbars or a rack for your vehicle. This is because different vehicles have different requirements. Getting crossbars for your vehicle is a simple process - head to our handy graphic above for an easy-to-follow guide.
What crossbars do you recommend?
Thule and Yakima are excellent brands to consider when looking for crossbars and we recommend you source a professional roof rack. However, so long as your crossbars have a weight capacity of 106lbs/48kg-or-more and they can be spaced between 31-41 inches apart they meet the minimum requirements and are safe to use with your Air Cruiser.
Can the ladder be stored with the Air Cruiser?
Yes, once you have attached the ladder to your Air Cruiser it can stay there, making deploying and stowing even quicker.
Can Air Cruiser be pumped up manually?
Yes, you can use a regular airbed pump can to set up your Air Cruiser.
Can the integrated pump be replaced?
Yes, like many things in Air Cruiser, the integrated pump can be easily replaced if it has been damaged or malfunctioned.
Can the integrated pump be powered with a regular USB lead?
The pump requires a power supply of 12V, so a regular USB (5V) is not sufficient. The majority of vehicles have a traditional 12V adaptor but you can also use a 12V powerbank, readily available from online retailers.
Does the fabric have any treatments?
The polycotton canvas has an anti-mold treatment and a PU waterproof coating.
Does Air Cruiser come with a spares kit?
Yes, our repair kit includes two generous pieces of the polycotton canvas, some tenacious patches for short-term fixes and a seam sealant set. Air Cruiser is backed by a 24 month warranty on parts too, so you have access to repair and replace services where needed.