Cabin Table
The versatile Cabin Table is designed specifically to complement your Air Cruiser. Whether you're seeking a productive workspace to unleash your inner digital nomad, indulging in a cozy Netflix binge, or enjoying a leisurely breakfast in bed, this compact yet functional table seamlessly integrates into your AirCruiser setup.
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What's included?
  • Cabin table
  • Carry case
  • Easy set-up and takedown
  • Premium materials
  • Compact carry case



Net Weight
4.4lbs | 2.1kg
Table size
23.6x15.7x15.7in | 23.6x15.7x15.7in
Packing size
24x16x1.2in | 61x41x3.2cm
Folder size
23.6x15.7x0.8in | 60x40x2.5 cm
Cabin Table specification
AC Awning
AC Annex
Thermal Liner
AC Storage box
Cabin Table
Cabin chair
AC X Table
AC X Chair
Instant Windbreak
Utility Tent
Solar Galaxy light
AC Stove